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"Meaningless, said the teacher. It's all meaningless."

The Pastor thinks it is completely stupid for me to be making a Valentine box. He said it is dumb and pointless. Where else are people going to put my Valentine's? I told him it is no more meaningless than his doctoral dissertation on the violent patterns of kingship in ancient Israel.

We are in bed. The Pastor is reading some biblical commentary on Hosea and Micah. I didn’t even know those were books of the Bible. He is reading his book by the light of his rechargeable flashlight.

Things the Pastor has ruined me on, forever:

1. I used to be a very careful shopper. Once I purchased something, it was a permanent decision. Now, since marrying the Pastor, I know that everything is returnable! It’s easier to buy the whole store and take it back later than to agonize over purchasing decisions.

2. I used to think I was too good to shop at Goodwill.

3. Eating past 5 p.m.

4. We went to a restaurant today, and I really wanted nachos (cholesterol alert!), but now I am so cheap I got the special – a one-topping pizza (cholesterol!), which was priced $3 less than the nachos.

5. Showering alone.

6. I used to think I could only drive a brand-new vehicle. Now I know the beauty of being able to park anywhere, because I don’t care if anything should happen to a car that is dented on every single panel.

7. Waking up at 5:00 a.m. to get ready to go to work.

8. The big, fancy church, with the coffee bar conveniently located in the lobby. (Actually, I do kind of miss that.)

9. Reading the Bible. Now I know that is for expert Bible Scholars only! No amateurs allowed!

10. Having a pristine oven. I lived in my condo for nearly two years, and Nate was the only one who ever cooked anything, and his cuisine usually amounted to pancakes and scrambled eggs.

Thing I have ruined the Pastor on, forever:

The only thing he could come up with is he used to never order desserts in a restaurant. Now, he knows we are ordering the $7 piece of cake.

Oh what a difference I have made in his life.

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