we'll always have Paris

This picture taken at a happy moment in France just makes me feel sorrow.

There weren't just five of us in the picture. There were six. I was carrying around a teeny, tiny secret souvenir. I was pregnant. I couldn't have been happier.

Alas, it was not meant to be. The day we were going to make the big announcement, I went to the doctor and his heartbeat was gone.

The picture devastates me, not just for the loss, but because in a way it captures the essence of the last time I truly felt happy.

A letter I wrote to our angel baby has been published in a new book compiled by Help Inspire Others http://www.helpinspireothers.com/

I've just learned from the people at Help Inspire Others that one of the largest independent book stores in the United States - The Huntington Book Revue, New York - is featuring this book.

I'm heartbroken our baby didn't make it, but I'm blessed to have been able to carry him for a while in my body and forever in my heart. I hope through the work of Help Inspire Others and the sharing of stories from people like me, it will be beneficial to others experiencing the loss of a pregnancy.

Adieu, Mon Petit Souvenir.


Becca said...

I'm sending a big (virtual) hug your way. Love you lots.

Emily said...

Heartbreaking. But I know by sharing your story you'll be helping countless others.

Ally said...

My mascara is now on my chin.

Love you xoxo

Janie Fox said...

hugs sweet friend. I have twin sons in Heaven that Jesus is holding until I get there. I imagine they are tearing it up at the big birthday party going on!

Marian. said...

this touched me. I'm sorry for your heartache.