note to self

Dear Future Robyn,

As you prepare to go on your next trip with the Pastor, remember this:

No matter how far in advance you start packing, no matter how organized you are, no matter what you lay out, no matter what you buy, get ready or make checklists for you will not be prepared for the "Pastor Factor."

The "Pastor Factor" is the Pastor, coming home while you are finalizing everything minutes before your departure and deciding that he needs to, say, sit down in the middle of your kitchen floor and shine his shoes with Mink Oil even though he has - I promise you - not used his mink oil/shoe shine kit in 20 years.

I have no suggestions for you on how to actually deal with the unpredictability of the Pastor Factor, just know that it's coming.

Have a great trip!


Present Robyn

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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. It is possible I had used that mink/oil shoe shine kit at sometime in the past 20 years. What I said was that I do not remember using it since I was in high-school. And, while it technically remains the fact that I do not remember having used it since sometime pre-1989 . . . that does not mean that I, in fact, have not used it since then. I would venture to guess that I very likely pulled it out sometime in the 90's! Nevertheless, I'm glad future Robyn will be more prepared for anything I throw at her! =)