I'm so happy he doesn't think my underwear is giant.

The Pastor, who doesn't do laundry, who isn't allowed to touch the laundry, has installed a clothesline for me.

This gadget, he said, is to hang tiny things, small things - like your underwear.

I love him.

I used my clothesline for the first time today. Dr. J. Matthew Sleeth - I listened to you (and the Pastor). I'm serving God and saving the planet. And as an added bonus, when I was hanging wash on the line, I told the Pastor we could pretend like I was the sweet and innocent farm girl hanging laundry, and he was the sexy stranger who happened across our land. The Pastor chastised me for talking like this, but hey - I'm only trying to make this stuff fun.

What am I supposed to to with the dryer sheets? Hang them on the line too?

I now know that every time I use the dryer, 5 pounds of coal is used.

Sigh. I just hope I haven't put some poor coal miner out of work now.


realolivegreen said...

but now your clothes won't smell mountain fresh, they'll smell like outside. :( And what about when it rains?!

Kate said...

How come the photo wasn't taken with actual lingerie hanging? I bet you have cute undies! : )

EE said...

I dry at least 5 loads a day.
Don't worry, I'll keep the coal miners in business.

KLC said...

Realolivegreen, no synthetic dryer sheet will never match the scent of line-dried laundry. Mmmmmmm. I love that smell so much! I wish I had space for a line!

KLC said...

Ooops. Sorry about the double negative. I meant "will ever." Guess I was high on the thought of sniffing line-dried laundry!

J Campbell said...

line dried outside is really lovely...I bet they make some kind of spray stuff you can spray to help enhance the smell of the sun (?)

Pastor needs to lighten up a bit, I though the farm girl idea was great! You all need to christen that farm yard anyway!