worst case scenario

Yesterday, while you were watching Nascar or taking a nap, I was hangin' with the Jews.

We attended the "Completing the Torah Celebration."

This guy in the pic was flown in from Israel to complete the Torah. To finish writing the Torah in Hebrew on a giant roll of paper. To finish writing it with people looking right over his shoulder. Sometimes, with a camera hovering right over his shoulder. Oh, and if even one letter is missing, the whole thing is garbage.

me: What if makes a mistake?

Pastor: He won't.

me: But what if he does?

Pastor: He won't.

me: But he's a human. What if he screws up?

Pastor: He won't.

me: But what if he sneezes, and it jerks his hand?

Pastor: He won't.

me: But what if he smears?

Pastor: He won't.

me: Why are they waiting for the ink to dry? Why don't they just get a hairdryer?

Pastor: (giving me a dirty look and ignoring me.)

me: What if they drop it?

Pastor: They won't drop it.

me: What if they tear it?

Pastor: They won't.


I don't care what he says. I bet there's a "Completing the Torah: Worst Case Scenario Guide."

If not, I'm writing it.


realolivegreen said...

is that Hal Cauthron?

Larry said...

I have a book in my study. It is called, "LORD, Have Murphy." It is all things that can go wrong at church. All of us pastors have at least one good full immersion baptism story! (I'm smiling as I write this!)

I am sure there could be one for the Torah Completion... not sure what the title would be but Murphy's Law definitely covers the Jews as well as well as Christians!