What happens in Vegas

stays in your gallbladder and clogs it up in a very bad way.

Are you really surprised? Did you see what I had to eat? Can you imagine what I ate that I was too embarrassed to photograph? And you thought the worst thing I did was outlet mall shop.

The funny thing is, it hasn't bothered me to eat chips and salsa, french fries, burritos, cheese, etc. What has set me off? Things like cucumbers. Broccoli. Pecans.

You know I was sick. This is how you know. I did something I have never ever ever done. I had to miss a hair appointment. You don't mess with the hairdresser. Looks like someone is going to get an extra big tip and a Dr. Pepper for the reschedule.

The doctors suggestion? Perhaps you could eat some shredded wheat with no milk for breakfast. Wow! What a fantastic idea! Wait a minute, that's what I already eat for breakfast! Exactly 25 squares, while the Pastor gets to eat things like 5 Eggs Benedict. Or leftover bar-b-q. I don't eat meat, pork, chicken, onions and about a million other things. I hardly have any dairy. OK, I blew it in Vegas and I am obviously being punished.

What a better excuse to sit around and watch the E! True Hollywood Story on Britney Spears. And I wanted to lose few pounds anyway.

The absolute worst thing about having to make an emergency visit to the hospital? The Pastor gone and all those cute firefighters in my immaculate house, and me flat on the bathroom tile (thank you, cleaning lady) in the Pastor's Duke University t-shirt with throw-up in my hair already sporting unsightly roots.

I. could. have. died. right. then. and. there.


Ally said...

Oh no! You poor thing!!! I don't know what's worse: the puking or the cute boys seeing the evidence of the puke!

Feel better :)

linda said...

the worst is being seen with puke in your unkempt hair with roots showing...no doubt. I have thought of dragging my sick butt down to mine just to get those roots done but it's a 30 min. car ride and can't hack it...so now what..

about the gall bladder...watch out it doesn't explode or get stones...then they take it out after you go through hell with the hair and all...really, not kidding, it happened to me...glad you saw a doctor :)

SacrificeofPraise said...

Gallbladder pain is the worst! I finally got mine out two years ago after a decade of trouble with it... and haven't had a problem since. I can eat anything I want again! So the surgery isn't so bad for the results at the end. Don't worry if it comes to that. You just can't live without over-indulging at buffets [pain free!] every once in a while!