walk by my house - I'll toss cheesecake at you

I have finally found my inspiration again. It's amazing how I can find stuff to blog about when I am supposed to be working on our income taxes.

I love living this close to the university. Our dining room faces the street, and college students walk by all the time. When I am at the dining room table, and students walk by, I run outside and offer them random things to eat. Thankfully! I've gotten rid of cheesecake and apple pie that way!

Speaking of cheesecake, just so you know, I am not the only spoiled person in this house. The Pastor decided he liked the cheesecake at On the Border, and sent me to the restaurant supply store to pick some up for him. Seventy dollars later, and I had two giant cheesecakes. We have managed to get rid of one, with me shouting out the front door at random college students.

And speaking of too much cheesecake, there's a biker guy who's been coming to my Weight Watchers meeting. A Harley-riding, black leather, long beard, no-helmet-wearing kind of guy. I think its funny because I just picture big tough biker guy measurig out his portions, counting his points and eating things like 100 calorie cupcakes.

Gotta go. Taxes and packing. Leaving Thursday for Abilene, Texas. If we survive that, then it's on to Angel Fire, New Mexico. Then if we survive that, Santa Fe.


Becca said...

Wow. You're headed to my hometown of Abilene, TX. Why?

By the by, I know of a fantastic restaurant where you and the Pastor should eat in Abilene. He can have his meat and you can have lots of salad. My dad's the manager.

Furthermore, I am probably going to be your across-the-street neighbor very soon.

Audra said...

taxes and texas, eh? sounds like a party. have fun. :)