I don't even like Oreos.

Oreos are completely ordinary. Sorry people, but I put them right up there with Thin Mints. Not impressed.

I can locate and have an Oreo anytime I want. They are just not my thing. Which makes it particularly bizarre to me that I find myself obsessing over them.

Case in point number one - I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Oreo recipes.

Two - Tonight, I have devoted time, money and energy into making miniature Oreo cheesecakes when I could be doing any number of things.

I am not a mathematician, but I would say I have noticed a direct correlation between Nate having left for college and the number of baked goods I am preparing. Nope, I'm not sending him care packages. I'm emotionally baking.

Nate is going to school nearby, and usually comes home sometime during the weekend, is very busy with activities, and leaves to go back to school early afternoon on Sundays. That's when it begins. One Sunday, after he left, I went to Target. Harmless enough. Eight baking mixes later, I was home again. I justified it to myself that Target had started carrying a new product and we should try them all. Try them all we have.

Don't worry. I haven't completely wrecked my diet. I'm still right where I need to be. I'm being kind to myself for one more month, until I finish my master's degree, and then I need to crack down on some healthier habits. Until then, here I am. Did you know Oreos are vegan? That's got to count for something.

Gotta go. The oven timer is going off.

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