natural peanut butter and sprouted bread

It's been 7 years today since the Pastor got down on his knees (on a pillow of course) and popped the question in a very Prince Charming way presenting me with a big diamond ring and proposing we spend the rest of our lives together. A proposal that included me giving up my cute condo and even cuter dog to take on him and his two kids.

Sometimes I stand back in amazement that we've made it this far. Had I known then what I know now, that diamond should have been even bigger. Much, much bigger.

That engagement day started with the Pastor coming to pick us up to make the four hour drive to Medieval Times, and I was running late. That did not make for a good start to the day.

I had packed a picnic lunch of natural peanut butter on sprouted whole-grain bread and carrot sticks.

I now know I would have had a more favorable reaction from the Pastor and his kids had I packed donuts covered in powdered sugar and arsenic.

You would have thought I was trying to poison people with healthy food.

The Pastor stopped along the way and bought nachos for everyone. The whole reason I had packed a picnic was to avoid stopping and spending money on junk food. I felt unappreciated.

Nate felt like the Pastor stole his thunder of getting to go to Medieval Times by proposing to me.

Everything about this experience tells you everything you could possibly want to know about us. We are the same people now we were 7 years ago, just older and more used to each other's annoyances.

I'm still tardy and I still buy the natural peanut butter and the sprouted bread. I still don't buy Jif and Wonder Bread.

The kids still complain. And act like I'm trying to poison them with healthy things.

And the Pastor still acts as the peacekeeper with Mexican food.

Maybe we'll have nachos for dinner tonight. Melted cheese - the bond that made our family stick together.

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