squaring up the sheets

This is as fancy as it gets. No Pottery Barn sheets here, just Target. No high thread count. As you can see, not even matching pillow cases. And that quilt? I hate it. Marital compromise. As you can tell, the only thing I'm interested in decorating is myself.

The Pastor has been gone for 18 days. This also means I haven't slept for 18 days. Or made the bed. When I finally collapse in the wee hours of the morning after watching all the Casey Anthony trial I could record, this is how it looks. It ain't pretty, and neither am I without my beauty sleep.

I'm to the point of needing a script for Ambien. Or one of those drips like Michael Jackson had.

Or a Pastor.

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Angela Atkins said...

Is the pink pillow yours or his? You really don't sleep while he's gone? Oh no.

Ally said...

You're a better wife than I am. I sleep SO WELL when Al's not around :(

Janie Fox said...

I don't sleep without my husband either. I am up half the night with dying hormones... should I clean??
Nah. I think I'll watch some TV.

EE said...

You must run NOW to the nearest TJ Maxx and buy a decent thread count set of sheets. You will totally forget all about the pastor;)